Doerak 850 Aquarel

8.50 m
3.10 m.

Doerak 850 Aquarel
(2-4 pers.) starting at € 699 a week

Spacious motor yacht with excellent sailing properties. The powerful engine and bow thruster ensure problem-free sailing pleasure. Even fixed bridge heights of 2.50 m don’t present a problem and allow you to find some of the best and quietest moorings. Ideal for a couple.

At the moment this ship becomes a total refit.

Layout: Front cabin; 2 berth cabin, dinette and kitchen with hot and cold running water, a 3-burner stove, refrigerator and complete inventory for 4 people, electric toilet and shower. Cockpit with wheel and 4 seats and storage. Fixed swimming ladder.

Sailing instruction is mandatory for those without experience: Skipper training

Length 8.50 m.
Width 3.10 m.
Clearance 2.40 m.
Draft 0.80 m.
Headroom 1.95 m.
Persons 2-4
Engine 42 hp diesel
Consumption 2 á 3 litres/hour
Fresh water 400 litres
Fuel 200 litres
  • hot and cold water
  • electric toilet
  • heater
  • refrigerator
  • tv
  • Radio
  • CD-player
  • twin berth
  • bow-thruster
  • rudder angle indicator
  • inverter 1600W
  • shore power
  • pets not allowed

Navigational routes

Frisian Lake route | Distance: 155km, duration 1 week
Overijssel route | Distance: 170km, duration 1 week
Groningen route | Distance: 180km, duration: 1 week
3 provinces route | Distance: 256 km, duration 1 week or longer
Lits-Lauwersmeerroute | Distance: 65km

Tuf route Friesland | Distance: 115km, duration 1 week
Veenroute Groningen/Drenthe | combine with GR, TU of OV, duration 2 weeks
Middle sea route Friesland | Distance: 130km, duration 1 week
Aqueducts route Friesland | Distance: 113km, duration: midweek

starting at €699

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