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You enjoy going on holiday in the Netherlands. Usually you keep your feet on dry land and rent a bungalow or a caravan somewhere. But why have you never tried a boating holiday? Maybe you’ve simply never thought about it, or you think that you need a sailing license to sail a boat. We want to tell you about how wonderful a boating holiday can be, about the freedom and how well equipped the boats are.

How enjoyable is a boating holiday?

If you enjoy:
– beautiful nature
– picturesque towns and villages
– entertaining evenings on board
– eating out
– freedom to go where you want
then there’s a very good chance that you’ll enjoy a boating holiday. Are you the sporty type? Then you can swim in summer to your heart’s content . Throughout the year you can go walking or cycling (you can hire folding bicycles from us).

Will my partner like it?

We notice that when people hire a boat for the first time that it is usually the men that look forward to the boating holiday most. They can already see themselves standing behind the wheel. Popping in harbours, under the little bridges and through the locks. But it would appear – when they get the chance – that women are often better sailors and above all really enjoy navigating the boat through the narrow waterways and eventually mooring up for the night at the destination.

Will the kids enjoy it?

If you include the kids when you go boating, tell them all about the nature you’re sailing through, stop quite often to moor up and get off board to go exploring, this way you will notice that the children are really enjoying the boating holiday. Of course in the summer they can go swimming during the day and in the evenings after the meal pull out the board games you’ve brought along and have an old fashioned evening’s entertainment.

Is it a problem if I don't have sailing experience?

This is not a problem. You only have to follow a short sailing course before you depart. This Skipper training on the first day of your boating holiday is obligatory for all beginners

Is it a problem if I don't have a sailing license?

No, a sailing license is not necessary for any of our boats. Of course there are certain rules that apply when on the water. These will be explained to you before you depart and they can also be found in the boat’s guide book.

Is sailing not scary?

You have to get used to the boat, how it reacts to handing and external influences such as the wind. Fortunately you have plenty of time to practice since the sailing speed is only around 10 kilometers per hour. Which is quite a bit slower than your car. And you don’t find driving a car scary.

Where can I sail?

Friesland has an extensive network of lakes, canals and rivers. You could sail round Friesland for weeks if you wanted to. Of course you can also sail to the lovely Northern Overijssel (Zwartsluis, Kampen, Zwolle) and to the Northeast Polder (Emmeloord, Urk).

Are there sailing routes?

The best known route is the Frisian lake route but there are many more. It is better and more fun to make up your own routes. You will get the ANWB water charts with you on board, they give you all sorts of information including water depth and the height of bridges. In the ‘boat guide’ you will find both the height (clearance) and the draft (depth required) of your boat. With this information you will know exactly where you can, and cannot go. Of course, we are always happy to advise you.

How do I find a mooring?

Look in the ANWB water charts on board. These contain information about all the places you can moor. There are two sorts of moorings.
Marinas: many marinas have moorings available for pleasure boats. You pay about €1,50 per meter length of the boat per night. You also pay a small amount for each passenger.
Moorings: moorings are also shown on the charts. These are often to be found along harbour walls in little ports or they can also be in the middle of nowhere! Usually you pay something for the first type of mooring. In the province of Friesland there are about 250 different locations out in the countryside where you can moor overnight for free, these are the so-called Marrekriteplaatsen Of course you don’t have the facilities of a marina, but you do have the pleasure of the quietness and beauty of nature.

What happens if I accidentally damage the boat?

All our boats are insured for all-risks on Dutch inland waters with the own-risk element amounting to the deposit you have paid. As long as you keep to the rules and don’t sail too fast and always consult with your fellow travellers when mooring or making manoeuvres, then little can actually go wrong. You will find many ‘ fenders’ on board which are basically buffers to protect the boat from getting damaged. If you ensure that they are hanging at the correct places during mooring, then very little can go wrong.
In the unlikely event that you do experience damage, please notify us immediately and do not wait until you are back in our port.

What equipment is there on board?

Our boats are fully equipped, click on inventory list for an overview. Naturally every boat has a refrigerator including a small freezer on board. Cooking is also no problem as every boat is equipped with a cooking stove. Bring your own bed linen if you prefer. For only € 22,50 you can also hire it from us.

What do I have to bring with me?

Shopping: your daily shopping you can either bring along or buy in Terherne before you depart. During your trip you can also moor up and go shopping a couple of times.
Bed linen: you can hire bed linen (eiderdown cover + pillow cases + sheets) from us for € 22,50
Board games & books
Cash: overnight in the marinas you have to pay approx. €1,50 per meter length of your boat. For passing through bridges you requires small change. How much you need depends on the route you take. Make sure that you always have about € 15-20 in small change on board. You only have to pay where it is clearly stated. The bridge money should be paid as you pass under the bridge. The bridge-keeper uses a sort of fishing rod with a clog attached to the end of it. Make sure that one of your fellow-travellers is outside while you slowly sail past the bridge-keeper who will hang out the clog for them to insert the bridge money.

What about toilets, washing, etc, on board?

Every boat has a electric toilet. Take a look at the specifications of the boat of your choice to see if it has a shower. Remember that the showers are not very big. It is also possible to make use of the sanitary facilities at many marinas, and at a very nominal charge.

Can I use my electrical equipment on board?

All of the boats have constant 220v on board, but some boats have a smaller 350W inverter (see specifications per boat). This means you can’t connect heavy electronic equipment such as electric razors or hairdryers.
For laptops, mobile phones, camera’s more than enough. Though it is possible to make use of the shore power connections at many of the moorings, and for a very small charge. We will explain to you where the cable connection is stored and also how to connect it up on shore. Electronic equipment such as electric razors and hairdryers will work when you are moored and the shore power is connected..

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Any other questions?

We hope that the above information helps to answer any questions you may have and that you are now enthusiastic about taking your first boating holiday. If you have any further questions or would like to hire a boat, please email us on or fill in the form.

Download: Watersports brochure Tips for sailing on the Frisian waters