Navigational routes

Sail away in Friesland along diverse navigational routes. These magnificent routes will take you past some of the most beautiful spots of Friesland. There is a wide choice of routes to choose from for example the Turf-route. This route leads you through the south-east of Friesland. Also there is the historical Middle Sea-route and the Lits-Lauwersmeer route between Dokkum and Drachten. Don’t forget to enjoy the nice things on shore. You can anchor your boat easily at many places!

Operating times of bridges & locks

More and more bridges are remote-controlled from one central location for reasons of efficiency. As a result, you will have to berth your boat in full view of the camera connected to the control room. In that way the operator will be able to decide if a sufficient amount of water traffic warrants the bridge to be raised. In some cases you have been observed earlier, so the bridge master gives the red-green signal to announce that preparations are made to raise the bridge. In other cases the bridge master will wait for a scheduled bus service to pass. In that event you will be obliged to berth.

The bridges and locks in the province of Fryslân are controlled in accordance with the general regulation from 1 april – 1 november from 9 am until 7 pm (From June through to August: until 8 pm)

Some bridges still have breaks. The operating times are then:
from      9 am until 12 noon
from      1 pm until 4.15 pm
from 5.15 pm until     7 pm

Additional rules for bridges and locks
–  Join the queue of waiting boats when approaching bridges and locks and wait for your turn.
–  When the bridge is raised: quickly proceed your trip.
–  In busy water traffic, lower your sails and mast, if possible.
–  Act upon the instructions of the bridge operator.
–  In the event of busy road traffic, water traffic will be clustered


Watersports brochure –  Tips for sailing on the Frisian waters
Marrekrite brochure – Natural moorings in Friesland

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