Boat rental in Friesland is beautiful

From north-east to south-west Friesland there are many small and large lakes, which are connected to each other by way of canals, waterways and rivers. The total water area is more than 11.000 ha and it is all on the same level. So you can sail without going through locks or sluices.

Friesland is not just a land of lakes and water and extensive meadows. In Gaasterland between Mirnserklif and Wijckel there is an large forest area with footpaths and openings onto meadows and fields. The traditional farms, with their shiny black or terracotta red roof tiles, the characteristic Frisian pedigree cattle or the elegant black Frisian horses. All of this plus the most historic villages and towns slowly gliding past your boat.You will enjoy the friendliness and peace, nature, the quiet and the discovery of beautiful places, all in the comfort of your boat from “Wetterwille’s”.

Children on board

There is much for children to enjoy on board. Swimming, fishing and feeding the ducks, a fantastic time for the kids!  Each place you anchor becomes yet another new adventure, and also those places that seemed unreachable before. Little beaches, picnic spots and hidden woods can be found everywhere. Fun water sport centres such as Grou and Eernewoude are dotted all over Friesland.


Boating holidays mean no problems about overnight accommodation. There are marinas everywhere, where you can moor alongside the touring boat jettys and quays. Probably the nicest thing about a boating holiday is actually the evenings and nights out in the open nature.

Historic towns and nature

There is no shortage of historic towns and villages in Friesland. Visit Hindeloopen, a beautiful old town, famous for its hand-painted woodwork, or Makkum with its famous earthenware, or Workum with the Jopie Huisman museum. Go to Franeker for a visit to the planetarium, or Sneek and Leeuwarden for an evening out.

Naturally you’ll pop into the many cafe terraces and restaurants, but you should also discover the peace and quiet of Friesland’s nature reserve “De Princenhof” with its little ponds and ditches and virgin flora and fauna, or the Lauwers Lake reserve, closed off from the Wadden Sea since 1969. The area has become the home to many types of bird. The Lauwers Lake is full of fish, so just throw a line overboard to catch your supper.


The most important events on the Frisian water calendar are of course “It Skutsjesilen” and the Sneek week.There are many events taking place on the Frisian waters during the season. At the VVV offices in Friesland and N.W.Overijssel you will be able to get much more information about what’s going on.

Netherlands via the Randmeren (polder lakes)

From the Tjeukemeer to Blokzijl, at the head of Overijssel, is the waterway that takes you to the rest of the Netherlands. Naturally you must visit Giethoorn, the “Venice” of the North. Interesting places such as Vollenhove and Zwartsluis are really worth a visit. Via the Zwarte Meer and Keteldiep you can sail along the the mouth of the IJssel to the polder lakes, including the Dronter Lake and the Veluwe Lake. From here you can visit Elburg the old fishing port with its many listed buildings. Past Harderwijk you come to Spakenburg on the Eem Lake. This former Zuider Zee port still has a large fleet of fishing boats, moored in the centre of town in the oldest fishing port in the Netherlands.

No matter where you moor up there are always lots of museums, restaurants and bistros to choose from, or you can go ashore for shopping and visiting the many ports and villages.

We wish you a very pleasant voyage!

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