Clean boating in Friesland

Yachtcharter Wetterwille, trendsetter in cleaner sailing

Yachtcharter Wetterwille has once again introduced something new in navigation land. Our company was already the first boat rental company in the Netherlands to convert an existing diesel-fuelled ship into a hybrid (electric sailing), now Yachtcharter Wetterwille is the first motorboat rental company in the Netherlands to make use of the cleanest and most sustainable diesel fuel that is currently available: Blauwe Diesel 100

Diesel is a fuel that is hazardous to the environment; when spilled in the fluid form, it causes permanent damage to surface waters and the environment. The exhaust fumes of boats and vehicles consist of soot, particulates, nitrogen and carbon dioxide, among other things. These substances are not only hazardous to one’s health, they are also hazardous to the environment. Carbon dioxide or CO2 is considered to be the main cause of the greenhouse effect or global warming.

Concern for nature, now and in the future.

Yachtcharter Wetterwille finds it important that everyone can enjoy the natural beauty that Friesland has to offer, not only now, but in the future as well.  It is something that our company gladly contributes to. And so, should you rent a boat from Wetterwille, then you will sail using the newest, most sustainable diesel that is available, called Blauwe Diesel 100

Blauwe Diesel 100

Blauwe Diesel 100 is a high-quality synthetic diesel fuel that is low in emission and yields a certified 90% reduction of CO2. It is bio-degradable and originates from a renewable source of energy. The sustainable raw materials are acquired from vegetable waste oils. These oils have first been used in food preparation. Blauwe Diesel 100 is produced and supplied under the ISCC sustainability certificate. This means that the production of Blauwe Diesel 100 is realised solely by means of recyclable base materials that are found in countries where:

  1. On a social level: equal rights apply to men and women and child labour is not involved.
  2. On a public welfare level: the production does not cause food displacement and/or the forcing up of prices.
  3. In terms of nature and the environment: no damage to nature or the environment is caused further to the production.

Your advantage

In addition to the advantages described above, there is yet another significant advantage for you. This advantage contributes to your sailing experience. It so happens that Blauwe Diesel 100 is odourless. And so the attraction of the typical “ship’s smell” that one sometimes experiences can no longer be caused by diesel.