Ofslaan & untfange

We proudly present the Ofslaan & Untfange program for all our customers.

Ofslaan means ‘giving a discount’ in Frisian. On behalf of Wetterwille we invite you to give your friends and  family € 50 discount off our boat hire prices! As you probably already know, giving someone a discount is good, but getting a discount is even better still. Untfange means ‘receive’ in Frisian. If your friends or family decide to hire a boat from us, you too will receive  € 50 discount.
The principle of the Ofslaan & Untfange program is very simple – you get a discount when you give a discount to somebody else.


After your holiday you tell your friends and family all about your boating trip. The friends or family like  the sound of it, and now they want to go for a week’s sailing too. The same applies to your in-laws. You can offer them € 50 discount on our behalf. The only thing they have to do to receive the discount, is simply give us your name and address. This way you can very quickly accumulate  €100!
If your friends make use of this attractive offer, you have two seasons to take advantage of the discount, which becomes valid in the year that your friends go sailing. If your friends go sailing in 2021, you can use  your accumulated discount in 2021 or 2022 – in other words untfange – the Frisian for ‘receive’.

Regular customer

The Ofslaan & Untfange program is unique and designed to provide you, as a regular customer, with advantages. Of course we benefit as well. Therefore, don’t forget to tell your friends and family all about your exciting holiday with Wetterwille’s and show them your holiday photos.


Send us 10 to 15 of your best photos including a short report of your boating holiday and we will place it on our website. It’s easier to let others see your photos this way.

To get you going, just take a look at the customer reports from other satisfied customers.
On 1 January we will select the best set of photos. The winner will be announced on our website and  receive € 50 discount.

The winner for 1 January 2008

is the Post family from Pijnacker

The winner for 1 January 2009

is the Schneider family from Bendorf

The winner for 1 January 2010

is Lothar Rätzke from Essen

The winner for 1 January 2011

is the van Bloemendaal family from Putten

The winner for 1 January 2012

is the Weck family from Haan

The winner for 1 January 2013

is the Boellaard family from Herbertingen

The winner for 1 January 2014

is the van Vuuren family from Geertvliet

The winner for 1 January 2015

is the Heeren family from St. Willebrord

The winner for 1 January 2016

are the  Bergermann and Voos family from Solingen.

We prefer to keep things simple and therefore more attractive. We are also obliged to lay down a number of conditions to avoid misuse.

The conditions:

1. If your friends decide to cancel, your discount will also be cancelled.
2. Your discount is valid for two seasons, starting from the year your friends go sailing with us.
3. We retain the right to stop the programme. However, any discount accumulated will remain valid (see item 2).
4. Discounts cannot be exchanged for cash.
5. At the time of booking your friends must indicate the name of the customer from whom they received the discount. Providing a customer name after the booking has already been made is not permitted.
6. A maximum of € 500 worth of discount can be accumulated and used against a booking.
7. Until they become Wetterwille customers, your friends can only receive the discount once.
8. Once they have become customers, you can’t give them more discount. Your friends can then also earn more discount by giving it to others.
9. This discount offer cannot be combined with other discount offers (with the exception of discount given for more than one week’s continuous rental)
10. This discount offer is only available for direct bookings and not for bookings trough a travel agent.