10 reasons to take a boating holiday

  • A boating holiday is a unique activity for family and friends in which everyone has a role to play. Good times are guaranteed.
  • A boating holiday enables you to experience the sense of freedom, independence and space Friesland has to offer.
  • You get to overnight somewhere different every evening – without the hassle of hauling luggage. Wherever you moor, you’ll have a choice of museums, restaurants and cafes nearby, or you can simply go ashore to wander or shop in the quaint harbour towns and villages.
  • Children enjoy being on board and there’s plenty to do, including fishing, swimming, and feeding the ducks. Children often enjoy helping steer and moor the boat.
  • You choose how you spend your days on the boat, visiting the many characteristic villages and cities or discovering the beautiful Frisian countryside.
  • A boating holiday slows your pace of life down.
  • There are numerous events organised throughout the boating season on and near the Frisian waters, including ‘Skûtsjesilen’ (a wooden cargo ship sailing competition), the Sneek Week and the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Joure.
  • You get to spend long summer days enjoying your favourite activities, such as cruising, fishing, walking, sunbathing, swimming, tasting local specialities on the many terraces and in the countless restaurants, and more.
  • Friesland has an extensive waterways network with lakes, canals and rivers all waiting to be explored. You can cruise for weeks without having to take the same route twice.
  • You can choose from a wide selection of motor yachts to charter from Yacht Charter Wetterwille. We have boats in different sizes and price categories.
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