Boat rental during the corona crisis

  • If our government decides we aren’t allowed to rent out or you aren’t allowed to come, you can reschedule for free.
    If we are allowed to rent out but your government decides that you are not allowed to travel, the cancellation policy (Article 7) applies.
  • Those on board are responsible for keeping a distance of 1.5 meters from each other if they do not belong to the same family.
  • In case of symptoms and / or fever you will stay at home.
  • We do not rent out bedding for the time being. You bring your own pillow and duvet.
  • We use an adapted check-in protocol and pier protocol. These are indicated on our marina.
  • During the skipper training (when booked) the instructor and the guestst wear mouth masks.

overview of boats

starting at €634


Boating with 2 persons

starting at €562

curtevenne 850 Melissa

Boating with 4 persons

starting at €1138

moselle (8)

Boating with 6 persons

starting at €1593

lorraine xl-tent

Boating with 8-10 persons


your guide in scenic routes

Short clear routes of several hours, but also routes of days bring you throughout Friesland. Of course you can also plan your own route.

your guide in Frisian nature

Slowly boating trough unspoiled nature. Lovely views over beautiful Friesland. Lakes covered with all kinds of water birds. And much more.

your guide in the best addresses to eat

Straight of the Jetty to your table. That’s possible in Friesland. Or moor at a local Marina and walk to a huge choice of top restaurants.

your guide in clean boating

Friesland, Water land. In Friesland we take gut care of the water. Good quality, free of pollution. That ensures rich water life. Great for boating and swimming.