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100% service

When you’ve booked your boating holiday at Yacht Charter Wetterwille, you get to start your holiday with a welcoming reception at our yard in Terherne. As a family company, we aim to make personal contact with our guests.
You can choose from a range of well-maintained motor yachts in different sizes and price categories. Should something go wrong on board, we aim to be with you within the hour, so that you can continue your holiday as quickly as possible. That’s why we offer a 24/7 service. 

Our yard has its own diesel tank and we top up the fuel in your boat when you return so that you only pay for the fuel you actually used.
We also have waste water discharge stations for each ship.

We charter motor yachts suitable for up to 12 people. There are no booking charges involved and no requirement for a navigation licence. Our close partnership with Schippers Start Hulp means you can, if necessary, learn the tricks of the trade and the basic waterways regulations, so that you can start your boating holiday with confidence.

Each yacht is re-painted every other winter or more often if deemed necessary.

Map Friesland, Holland

Yachtcharter Wetterwille
is located in Terherne
“Island in the Frisian Lakes”

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