Discover Terherne

Discover Terherne

Surrounded by the “Poelen” (ponds) and the “Sneekermeer” (lake), lies the picturesque island village of Terherne. It can only be reached by one road with two bridges that connect the village with the outside world:

Island in the Frisian Lakes

The enclave in the little heart of the Frisian lake areas has existed for almost a thousand years. A sand ridge, called the Gravinneweg, was an ideal place to live for fishermen and boatmen. Later they were joined by the Komelkers, smallholders, who would collect grass and hay from the little islands in the Terhernster and Terkaplester Poelen with their flatboats. Around 1960 a new lock was built at the side of the Sneekermeer. During this the process, part of the sand ridge was excavated, which led to the creation of the beach of Terherne.

The inhabitants of Terherne have welcomed many guests for years and years: hotel guests, water sportsmen / women, campers and guests who rented holiday homes. 

Throughout the year various kinds of activities are organized:

 - on the second day of Easter there is the opening of the water sport season.
    All enterprises open their doors to provide information, arrange trial trips on boats, small presents etc.
 - The “Briorace”, the famous sailing competition for open sail boats over 60 kilometers is held early May.
 - At the end of July or the start of August there are two matches of the SKS skûtsjesilen (the oldest skûtsje sailing events,
   a skûtsje being a unique Frisian boat type) on the Sneekermeer.
   You can share the experience in your boat from Yachtcharter Wetterwille.
 - In September there are the Merkesilen and Preamsilen competitions, using sailing flatboats.
 - The first Sunday of October is Children’s Book day.
 - During the autumn break you can participate in Tasting, Arts and Music route.
    Tasting in all restaurants, art everywhere in the village and all of this in a framework of live music.

Map Friesland, Holland

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“Island in the Frisian Lakes”

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